Inspection Services

HighGrade Inspection Services ensure that all clients benefit from the professional and prompt completion of each assignment. We offer inspection services for manufacturers, retailers, traders, governments, as well as international buyers and sellers of goods and products.

Our representative inspection services include:

• Textile & Apparel quality inspection
• Sports, Footwear & Leather products quality inspection

HighGrade offers a comprehensive inspection program based upon statistical analysis of finished goods (sampling according to ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ISO 2859, BS 6001). To ensure conformance with pre-approved samples our inspectors randomly select finished goods, compare these with agreed criteria and report their findings based upon predetermined AQL (Acceptance Quality Level).

HighGrade’s textile and apparel inspection services help you identify varying levels of defects in your product, including: • Critical Defects • Major Defects • Minor Defects

During textile and apparel inspections, HighGrade conducts the following:

• Fabric Check – assesses weight, print quality, defects, hand feel to standards.

• Garment Labeling – to ensure label contains all required information, includingregistered identification number (RN), country of origin, fabric content/care and attachment of label in the proper location.

• Workmanship Assessment – evaluates stitching, construction, attachments and fasteners, embellishments, shading within a garment, pattern continuity/matching, tapes and linings.

HighGrade solutions include:

• Initial Production Inspection
• Pre-Production Inspections
• During Production Inspections
• Final Random Inspections
• Sample Picking
• Supervision of Loadings
• Order Control
• Inspection Certificate