Supplier Assessment

HighGrade Inspection Services helps to ensure your product development is efficient, your policies and procedures meet applicable standards, and are properly implemented. A supplier evaluation can uncover problems before production so you have an exact understanding of your supplier’s capabilities, systems, management and operating procedures. This very high level of quality control enables you to select a qualified supplier with confidence.

Generally, we will focus on the following aspects when doing a factory assessment.
a. Factory Profile (General Information)
b. Organization Structure
c. Production Process
d. Production Capacity
e. Facilities & Machinery
f. Quality assurance system & related certificates
g. R&D
h. Special requirement from client

Our expertise helps reduce your business risks and identify potential hazards, by evaluating manufacturing sites and warehouses for compliance with specifications and applicable regulations. And by evaluating or pre-qualifying your supplier’s capabilities, quality control systems, manufacturing process management, and operating procedures,  HighGrade Inspection Services ensures your quality specifications are understood and met.