Testing Services

Testing Services

Picking of Samples & Laboratory
Our inspectors can select a pre-determined number of samples from production at a factory & seal them, Label & send them to laboratory for testing according to requirements.

HighGrade Inspection Services can help you achieve requisite regulatory and legal compliance, identify where hazards are likely to occur, determine where corrective actions should be taken, and continue monitoring your global supply chain for safety, quality and performance compliance. We are here for all your global testing needs.

Supervision Of Loading

Our inspectors will monitor the entire loading process, this includes:

• Evaluating of the shipping container
• Record of weather, arrival time of container, Container No., Truck No.
• Container inspection to assess damage
• Quantity of Goods and condition of outer packaging
• Random selection of sample cartons to verify actual packaged products
• Supervise the loading process to minimize breakage & maximize space utilization
• Seal the container
• Record the seal Nos. and departure time of containers